Saturday, October 4, 2014

MAJOR Slacking!

WOW! have i been slacking on this blog! i have been so busy with starting school and getting over some model shows but i have lots of results updates and LOTS OF FUN!! 
PLUS! a new show sunday the 12th of october! lots to get ready for! 

But for the meantime! here are results from build the barn in September! 
I was there with Five Paws Studio! Check out her blog!! 

Performance set up with this beautiful tack make by
Kristian Beverly 
Five Paws Studio

Stone Paints 


Balloon pop made by me and Kristian 

Murphy rocking his thing 

WOW! this was a shocker 


super shocked! 

Etched Pink Magnum 

adore him

another shot of my man 

won this in a huge other draft class! 

my boys <3 

me and my friend Emilys combined ISH power! 


2013 DAH in Red Roan 
Designer: Unknown 

2014 DAH in Bay 
Designer: Ashley Marconi 

2014 DAH in Dapple Grey with black points 
Designer: Me 

limited to 5 


Blue Agate pony 
(Precious Stone)

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Slacking on My Blogging!

I have been SO busy with school starting my last model show and tons of commissions!! i forgot about the #1 thing BLOGGING!! ugh curse my lazy and forgetting self!! 

Well here is an update! 

I had South Central PA Classic 8/23/15 GREAT! show over 40 placings 8 nan cards  4 in perf. 1 in collecability and three in breed! Really great show other then me being me! i forgot to take pictures!! i snagged a FEW. but not many!! ill make sure to load them!

ALSO been working on Kristian Beverleys Loping Amity and Arcane in commission!! they are looking good!!

Loping Amity 
Painted in Pastels, Acrylic and Pencil 
Commission for K. Beverly
Base Color 

Adding shading 
I ran out of MATTE spray so she looks really messy! and un even she did not get a full MATTE coating! ugh, but you guys get the idea :) 

Markings like this! 

It will have mane and tail color like this, not the lighter cream color 

Color I'm going for 

Mixed with this to make a Liver Chestnut!! 

Painted in Pastels, Acrylic, and Pencil
Commission for K. Beverly 

Her black was Acrylic then softened and shaded with pastels to make her very realistic black coloring

Overo Pattern 

Overo Pattern 

the detail of her pattern 


Loving her pattern! 

So Detailed!

Feeling good about her! 

Will be keeping up to date on the blogging now that I'm in a set schedule  for school and my new job! :) 
Enjoy! Thanks for all the views!! 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

And We Are Off!!

On my way across PA to go to a model shoe and stay with a great friend!! Will post lost of pictures and blog!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Making A Tutu!

Well besides a cute little pony what more could a girl want? how about that cute little pink pony in a TUTU! Yes you herd me right a bright pink sparkly tutu! 
I did just that! Plus i added a costume for my great dane!

Would you guys like to see a How To on how i did this? 

Post a comment! 


The pair ready for "costume class" ballerina set up!

Sparkly Bell Boots! 

The horse is looking down at the dog <3 

even the dog is decked out!

Ballerina leg wraps! ;) 

Remember!! let me know if your interested in a How To!!


My friend could not make it to a show this weekend so she gave me some of her ponies to babysit and show! Oh man do i love them!!

Blue Roan CC Shuffle 

Spun Gold Surprise! 

Barbaro <3 

Dressage Elegance set <3 

PS Weanling Love this gal!


Glossy Shetland (she actually won him!) 

RUBICON <3 <3 <3

Her Holiest Of Grails! Glossy Rachel Alexandria!
(she won her as well ) 

Yet another Glossy she won!

Good Old Smarty 

Cant remember him but he is beautiful!