Saturday, October 4, 2014

MAJOR Slacking!

WOW! have i been slacking on this blog! i have been so busy with starting school and getting over some model shows but i have lots of results updates and LOTS OF FUN!! 
PLUS! a new show sunday the 12th of october! lots to get ready for! 

But for the meantime! here are results from build the barn in September! 
I was there with Five Paws Studio! Check out her blog!! 

Performance set up with this beautiful tack make by
Kristian Beverly 
Five Paws Studio

Stone Paints 


Balloon pop made by me and Kristian 

Murphy rocking his thing 

WOW! this was a shocker 


super shocked! 

Etched Pink Magnum 

adore him

another shot of my man 

won this in a huge other draft class! 

my boys <3 

me and my friend Emilys combined ISH power! 


2013 DAH in Red Roan 
Designer: Unknown 

2014 DAH in Bay 
Designer: Ashley Marconi 

2014 DAH in Dapple Grey with black points 
Designer: Me 

limited to 5 


Blue Agate pony 
(Precious Stone)


  1. I love Dallas! He's an adorable pony!

  2. Stunning!
    Where do you get your horses from?
    And do how do you store them all?